Tepoztlan : Chronicle of eviction and repression. Memories of July 23, 2013

Today its exactly 2 years since the state police of Morelos, Mexico evicted by force the people’s  camp: “the Caudillo of the South”, installed by the  Los Frentes Unidos en Defensa de Tepoztlán as a means of peaceful resistance to the imposition of federal highway by the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes del Estado de Morelos of the State of Morelos and the company Tradeco. Here a personal photo gallery of what happened that morning in July 2013.

2 years of repression and eviction of the camp ” El Caudillo del Sur”. The struggle continues !

MORE INFORMATION: http://subversiones.org/archivos/28524

The Global Butterfly Effect

Creative by Nature


 “We are Life, in human form. Descendants of the stars and galaxies, children of the oceans and forests, creative expressions of Nature. As much a part of this planet as the rivers, trees, mountains and butterflies.”

For thousands of years people in Western cultures have been wrestling with the illusions we’ve spun from our dualistic mindsets and beliefs. It’s like we’ve been dreaming a shared nightmare together, grounded in the mechanistic ways our society has been organized, rooted in how we live and think.

Across the centuries, the very foundation of our so-called “Civilization” has been based on ideas of separation and superiority- men above, women below, Kings above, peasants below, humans above, Nature below, etc. Walls of separation in our hearts and minds, a sense of sin and abandonment, believing that our entire species was “thrown out of Eden.”

With dualistic “ego” logical thinking came an emphasis on time, our consciousnesses…

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“Mi C.A.S.A es tu casa”. A Latin American Ecovillage Network

by Lucia Battegazzore

C.A.S.A (spanish acronym for  Council of Sustainable Settlements in Latin America) is the Latin American branch of the Global Ecovillage Network or GEN. It was formed in the Call of the Mountain in January 2012 to ‘coordinate the networks of various sustainable initiatives, both rural and urban, family or community, nomadic and educational, etc.”  These types of initiatives, which are expanding rapidly in Latin America and worldwide are contributing in a big way to the regeneration of Planet Earth at this important moment we are living planet.

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ALBUM: Faces of India

These pictures are part of the work entitled “Faces of India” taken during a journey to the heart of this facinating country during the months of December 2009 to March 2010. It was in this period that I participated various religious and cultural festivals and in order to portray the color and spirit of its people and culture. Among other I participated in the Kartikai Deepam Festival in Tiruvanamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu; in the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and the Shivaratri festival in Varanasi, the Holy City of Shiva.

A journal of travel, photography, ancestral wisdom and the search for an ancient future.

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