VIDEO: “Voices of Amerikua” presents Berito Kuwaruwa of U’Wa people, Colombia

First Episode of “Voices of Amerikua” featuring different indigenous voices from the americas in defense of their culture, territory and mother nature. Thank you to Uplift ConnectUnity is Change (Unidad es Cambio), World Concious PactSokaVision and to Jeniffer Kumiko Hayashi for her amazing work !

Berito Kuwaruwa is a leader of the U’wa indigenous community in Colombia

Berito Kuwaruwa launched an international non-violent campaign calling on the multinational oil to protest drilling in the ancestral lands of the U’wa people, who believe oil is the blood of Mother Earth. He received the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1998. See:

As a child Berito was kidnapped by Catholic missionaries and taken to live on a mission . He lived in the mission for several years until his mother rescued him. As a result of that experience Berito has been working in defense of their people from an early age .

More information:


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