New Pioneers


It is not hard to perceive that we are living in very critical times. Recent studies are showing that the consequences of the damage on the biosphere caused by inappropriate use of technology and the exploitation of natural resources may pose threat to the survival of humanity. The biodiversity necessary to sustain the complex life system our planet holds is being immensely threatened by our civilization’s irresponsible misuse of recourses. Where did we go wrong? What can we do to respond to the alarming signs of biospheric devastation and collapse that we are currently faced with. How did we ever reach this point?

I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures and have been drawn to try to understand how different tribal cultures relate to the modern world and their message for protection of Mother Earth. Through these explorations I have come to understand that the current environmental and economic crisis as an important period of transformation into a more healthy and sustainable culture on this planet.  The return to more natural ways of living may be the only alternative we have to finding solutions to many of the problems that we ourselves created; we are all responsible for the co-creation of the world we want to live in and we must act responsibly and rapidly if we seek to change the direction our planet is heading. In the future I imagine clean water, clean air, abundant and healthy food, happy and healthy humans working together in flourishing communities in peace between one another and honoring the earth and its elements in a sacred manner. In the same way that indigenous cultures all over the planet have continuously reminded us to do. This is the world I envision because this is the world I want to live in and that I believe we deserve to live in. This is the planet I want to help shape and make flourish, but how?

These types of reflections that have guided and inspired us at ‘Ancient Futures’. We believe that we are currently in the midst of the emergence of a massive global grassroots movement for the holistic regeneration of the earth. Thru this blog and our diffrent activities we seek to inform and inspire a generation cultural and environmental agents of change. To engage with a global community of planetary, networks, event producers and collectives dedicated to the manifestation of an environmentally friendly, socially just and spirituality aligned reality on planet earth. 

The time in now. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Join us in this journey of planetary awakening and earth regenaration.

Welcome to the re-evolution !

Ivan Sawyer Garcia, Editor in Chief at Ancient Futures



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A journal of travel, photography, activism, ancestral wisdom and the search for an ancient future.